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  • How can I buy trichogramma wasps?

    Created by hghodges on

    I want to order trichogramma wasps but I am confused by your use of card, 1-pack, 3-pack. How many eggs are in each category? I am treating a kitchen and a bedroom, infested with grain and clothes moths. I am told to treat for at least a month. I understand the warriors in waiting will happily wait in the refrigerator? Is this correct?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    The tiny trichogramma wasp is an efficient destroyer of the eggs of more than 200 species of moths and butterflies which are leaf eaters in the larval stage. It is a particularly effective biological control because it kills its host before damage can occur.

    Shipped as pupae in host eggs, glued to one inch by one inch paper squares, Trichogramma arrive ready to hatch out as adult wasps. During her 9-11 day life, the female wasp will seek out and destroy about 100 pest eggs by laying an egg inside of it. As the tiny parasites develop inside they consume the contents. Depending upon temperatures a new adult will emerge in about a week.

    Trichogramma are sold as squares (1 square = 5000 parasites, minimum order 3 squares) or cards, which are made up of 30 squares. Release 5,000 (1 square) per 5,000 square feet weekly for 3 to 6 consecutive weeks. Trichogramma can be stored after receipt for 2-5 days, between 47 – 50 F. The longer they are stored, the higher the mortality rate will be. DO NOT FREEZE.

    Hope it helps!

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