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  • How do I get rid of pink root?

    Created by Jayce Cobern on

    Hey Planet Natural! Hoping you can help.

    It appears as though my onions are currently suffering from Pink Root. I’ve been doing some searching and have managed to uncover some approaches to treating this, however most posts focus on soil fumigants as a treatment method which turns me off. Does anyone know of any natural ways to best remedy this problem? I really don’t want to introduce chemicals etc into the picture!

    Thanks in advance

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    Eric Vinje


    Unfortunately, the only natural way to help decrease pink root problems is by planting your onions in a different spot free of infection for at least 5 to 6 years. It is a very persistent fungal disease that the majority of natural fungicides can’t handle. The best thing to do when you plant in your new spot would be to control pests and make sure you have everything fertilized appropriately so they can be as healthy as possible to fight off some issues like this.

    Hope this helps!

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