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  • Nuke Em for Aquaponics

    Created by Uwe Lipfert on

    Would you recommend Nuke Em for an aquaponics application?

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    Nuke Em can be used as both a foliar spray and a root drench in aquaponic systems. To use as a foliar spray, use as directed by the product packaging. To use the product as a root drench, a bit more labor is involved. You’ll have to temporarily remove the fish from the circulatory system, and do a full system flush before re-introducing the fish. Follow these steps to rid yourself of root aphids.

    1. Turn off the main light source. When using as a root drench make sure to turn off the main lighting. Supplemental lighting is okay, but less is more in order to prevent sunburn.
    2. Remove the fish and drain the aquaponics system. You’ll have to drain the entire system and allow the plants to drip free of nutrients. By doing this you prevent your fish from being exposed to contaminated water.
    3. Assemble the root drench solution. Take a five gallon bucket and fill with diluted Nuke Em at standard strength. Adjust the pH of the nuke em solution to the target pH of the aquaponic system.
    4. Apply solution to plants. Take each plant individually and submerge long enough for all growing media to be saturated. Pull the plant out, let the root ball and medium drain, and place back into the hydro system.
    5. Flush, and refill. Run RO water thru the system and drain the water once again before turning the lights back on. After flushing, refill with fish and new water.

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