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  • Converting flower garden to veggy plot

    Created by jim miller on

    I would like to convert a long time flower bed to a small vegetable garden. Tomatoes and peppers mainly. Is there something I can do for the ground now that would help? I live in southern Texas so planting time is probably less than 3 months away….thanks

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    Eric Vinje

    Jim –

    We have several blog articles on preparing garden soil that I think will help.


    Please take a look and if you still have questions please let us know.


    Eric Vinje

    Hi Jim –

    Something you could do now would involve incorporating organic matter to help aerate the soil and increase soil carbon. The addition of manure, peat moss or earthworm castings can help decrease soil compaction and make the soil a bit more manageable in the spring. I would wait to incorporate other fertilizers until just before planting. Removing any flowering weeds or residual seed heads will help make for less weeding in the spring.

    Hope this helps!

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