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  • Soil for raised beds and new lawn

    Created by Anthony on

    Good evening,
    My wife and I, we were looking and reading your posts in your website. We need advise, we are installing new sod in our yard and we want to build an organic soil. What do we need to do? Also we are building raised beds for our garden, what soil do we need to use? We are thinking maybe mix some soil and casting worms? Please if you can advise and pount us to the correct products so we can buy.


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    Eric Vinje

    ​Hey Anthony!

    The soil in your yard is organic, as long as it hasn’t been treated with any artificial pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or other non-natural products in the past three years. If you would like, you could add a little bit of nitrogen or spread a natural lawn fertilizer down before placing the sod. We would recommend Bio-Turf for your needs, an OMRI listed fertilizer formulated for sod and lawns.
    Find it here: https://www.planetnatural.com/product/bio-turf-lawn-fertilizer/

    I would recommend using either Roots Organics Potting soil or Ocean Forest Soil. Both are very “hot” and come with soil amendments (such as worm castings) already mixed into the product. I would advise against adding any additional amendments to prevent burning your plants with too much fertilizer. Find them here! https://www.planetnatural.com/product/roots-organic-soil/


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