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  • Will Neem Oil Harm Reptiles

    Created by John Sargent on

    Is Neem Oil harmful to lizards and other reptiles that may populate a garden?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi John –

    Neem oil is a naturally occurring pesticide and degrades rapidly in the environment. While I cannot find any data supporting this, it should be safe for reptiles and amphibians. I know it can be moderately toxic to fish in large quantities, but just spraying it on plants should be fine. It is toxic to bees if exposed to direct treatment, but otherwise will NOT harm pollinators. Additionally, neem oil is used in soaps, toothpaste and cosmetics throughout the world.

    Hope this helps!


    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    Here’s another response from our staff… Neem oil may be slightly toxic to the reptiles if they happen to consume leaves that have been treated with it. Try switching to a natural insecticide containing food-grade oils if you are still concerned. Sierra Natural Science creates some wonderful, essential oil based products, find them here! https://www.planetnatural.com/product_brand/sierra-natural-science/

    Happy Summer!

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