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  • Inert Ingredients in 70% neem oil

    Created by Margarett Hershberger on

    Just bought 70 Neem oil, your brand. What is in the other 30%? It is my understanding from much research that neem oil can be used on chickens for lice. Can’t move forward until I know what the other 30% is in your product. Thank you very much.

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    Eric Vinje

    Margarett –

    We have no way of knowing what the other 30% ingredients are. That portion of the product is proprietary information and does not have to be disclosed by the company. However, the EPA knows what the “other ingredients” are and has approved them for the uses stated on the label, which I’m sure doesn’t give you a whole lot of confidence. The biggest thing here is that OMRI also knows what the “other ingredients” are and they have approved them for organic use. My guess is that the “other ingredients” are most likely water and some kind of agent that helps it mix with water.

    Hope this helps!

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