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  • How do I apply neem cake & karanja meal?

    Created by Alice Wong on

    Would you please tell me the NPK ratio of the Neem Cake, and the Karanja Meal you sell? I cannot find such information on the two fertilizers anywhere. Thank you!

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello Alice –

    Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Karanja (Pongamia pinnata) are rich in natural NPK and micronutrients. Both will build good soil structure and can be used during the whole lifecycle of your plants to grow stronger, more resilient crops. Use as a top-dressing around plants or work into the soil prior to planting. If using in potted plants, mix thoroughly into soil or soilless media at a rate of 1 cup per 5-gallons (1/2 to 1 lb per cubic yard).

    What is the nutritional analysis for Neem and Karanja?
    Karanja Meal is 4.5-0.5-1.25 on the NPK scale
    • Neem Cake is not registered as a fertilizer at this time, but a typical analysis is:
    – Nitrogen (N) 2.0% to 5.0%
    – Phosphorus (P) 0.5% to 1.0%
    – Potassium (K)1.0% to 2.0%

    • Improved strength, flavor, quality and product-life of crop
    • Known to adversely affect soil-borne pests and disease fungi
    • Will encourage beneficial organisms — earthworms love it!
    • Includes phyto-chemicals which inhibit the growth of pathogenic soil microbes
    • Completely biodegradable and leaves no residues

    Note: Recent research has shown that these products, when used in conjunction with each other, are more effective than when used by themselves.

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