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  • Need some help guys

    Created by Mike on

    Hey how are you guys, I need some help if you don’t mind. I have an 8×8 tent, I recently bought a Max fan pro series 8” and can filter lite 8×40 1000cfm and a 6” pro series that I was just about to buy a filter for to use for scrubbing. I was just on the canfilter site And I saw the calculator page and noticed that 8”combo isn’t recommended for exhausting my tent. Can you recommended some options for me here. It only advises the setting 1 on max fan 8”for exhausting with this 8×40 filter, should I be buying the can100 for exhausting? Or could I scrub with the 8 inch and buy a filter for the 6” and exhaust with the 6” Thanks so much for help

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