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  • Mycostop Ratio for Hydroponics

    Created by thomas on

    Hi there,

    I’m looking to purchase 3 months worth of inventory of Mycostop for our 6500 liter hydroponic system growing cannabis.
    Could you advise on the correct Mycostop: water ratio so that we can purchase 3 months inventory?

    This will be our first time using this product so we have no experience working with it and would appreciate any advice you could offer in terms of its life in the system as well as positive/ negative externalities associated with its use.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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    For hydroponic production, seedlings should be treated at a ratio of 2g/1000 sq ft two or three days before they are transplanted into the hydro system. After transplanting, apply mycostop once every 4-6 weeks. If plant pathogens are present in irrigation water at the time of transplant, begin mycostop treatment one to two weeks after transplanting.

    After initial treatment, apply mycostop at a rate of 5mg per plant. After two treatments at the 5mg rate, increase to 10mg for a third application.

    There are a couple ways to apply mycostop. One of the easiest would involve a drip system feeding exact amounts to individual plants. If a recirculating system is used, calculate the quantity needed for the number of plants. Mix the calculated amount of mycostop into your primary reservoir tank. To help mycostop get established in the root system, reduce the volume of water in the system to the minimum possible, and deliver mycostop constantly for at least 8 hours. After this 8 hour time period has passed, bring the water back up to normal.

    Good luck!
    Let me know if you have any other questions,

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