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  • Does Mycostop have a shelf life?

    Created by patmonk on

    I grow 6 cannabis plants a year for personal medical use. May have wilt or botyritis. Have ordered and gonna try this. Haven’t done the math yet but may not need all 2gms at one time, hate to waste anything. If immediately after opening I reseal remainder, vacuum pack and store in freezer or fridge, will it still be viable in a month or so. Thanks.
    Patrick Monk RN. SF. Ca.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Patrick –

    Unopened Mycostop packages stored in a cool (at or below +8°C) and dry location have a viable shelf life of 12 months. I would think that if you sealed the package immediately after opening, and kept it cool, that you would be good to go for at least another month. Keep in mind, that Mycostop is a living organism. It does not immediately go bad once the expiration date is exceeded, but may no longer be at the strength stated on the product label.

    Happy gardening!

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