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  • Can I add Azamax to nutrient solution?

    Created by Nicholas on

    I am looking for information on mixing/using azamax with emerald harvest fertilizers. I need to know if I can use both at the same time without repercussions. Also, I am wondering if a water reservoir, mixed with azamax @.8%, can be continuously mixed via tank aeration pumps, without separation or negative effects.

    Nicholas K

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Nicholas –

    I wasn’t sure… so asked the company. Here’s what they said:

    Azamax can be tank mixed with hydroponic nutrients for a few days with no negative effects besides having some residue in the res that will need to be washed out. I only recommend running it every other week as the oils will clog root hairs and make a mess, especially if full hydro. It will work with Emerald Harvest but is much more synergistic with GH Nutrients!

    Hope it helps!

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