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  • I need to decrease the pH in my growing media

    Created by arianna bozzolo on

    I bought the Rapitest pH Meter but the only number I can read is 7 (doesn’t matter which type of growing media I test. I have different results with the lab pH meter).

    I need to reduce the pH in a growing media. Any suggestion?

    thank you


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    Eric Vinje

    Arianna –

    For soil that is too alkaline, you need to add something that is acidic. Most gardeners use elemental sulfur (1/2 tsp/ 6 in. pot diameter), but you can also add pine needles, coffee grounds or peat moss to the mix — all are very acidic. We offer several trusted, natural options for changing the pH of soil. Let us help you find the best products for your area. Here’s a link.


    Hope it helps!

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