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  • Microbe-Lift BMC – How Much per Gallon?

    Created by Paula Hopkins on

    Hello –

    I purchased Microbe-Lift BMC to control what I think are fungus gnats, but how can I use it when the directions say 6 drops in 100 gallons of water. I have 10 potted plants at the most!

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Paula –

    When using Microbe-Lift BMC for fungus gnats we feel it’s best to mix 1-2 drops per gallon of water and apply as a soil drench. The product is a super concentrated Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bt-i) formula that is very effective against the larvae of this destructive soil pest. For and integrated approach to pest control, Yellow Sticky Traps are also recommended to catch the flying, egg laying adults.

    Good luck!


    I’m growing indoors in coco coir and I am 95% certain these are fungus gnats, but I am having no luck getting rid of them. Unfortunately the conditions that are optimal for coco grows are optimal for gnats. I have only 10 plants in 3 gallon pots, I have been using Microbe lift for at least 7 weeks in every reservoir, every watering.

    I had used coco mulch and perlite for drainage and a few weeks back I supposed that the top 2″ of the pots were just too airy to hold enough water to let the BMI do their thing. I scooped the loose material out and replaced it with nearly straight coco. It can stay moist for 2 days where the other mix dried out overnight.

    Now before you say it, the plants are being fed hydroponically, every watering and should always stay wet. I’ve heard a sand layer will stop the adults from laying eggs, but I had really hoped to reuse this coco after rinsing and straining the coco and buffering with CalMag solution.

    I’m getting close to using the entire 2oz bottle where every story I’ve read has worked much sooner. Really hoping that the new “soil” will help. I’ve held them at bay but the pots are still crawling and the plants are getting stickier daily. I don’t see many flying lately, but the numbers are horrifying.

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