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  • Can I Purchase Met 52?

    Created by jo barbot on

    Do you know when Met 52 insecticide will be available?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Jo –

    Met52 EC is a popular contact bio-pesticide made from a naturally occurring soil fungus. Once the fungal spores come in contact with susceptible insects they penetrate the cuticle or exoskeleton of the insect and begin to grow inside, causing the insect to die. The product is safe and very effective for use against thrips, fungus gnats, mites and whitefly.

    Unfortunately, the company has sold at least twice since we began selling the product and when I last spoke with the current owner (Monsanto) I was told that the product was too expensive to produce. (Actually, I was told that they were losing money on it, which I find hard to believe.) At that time, I was told that they were looking to sell the product to a new buyer and we’ve been waiting for it to become available again.

    Note: This company did the same thing with Actinovate, a popular organic fungicide. After purchasing the product, and selling it for a couple of years, it is no longer available.



    Do you have or know of a product similar to Met 52?


    Eric Vinje

    Unfortunately no. What pest(s) are you having trouble with? I will send you our recommendations for combatting it.

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