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  • marigold cultivation

    Created by BhaktiBinodPakhira on


    I wanted to know how to prevent dark spots on the leaves of marigolds, and how to increase the superiority of the flowers in terms of color. I will be grateful if you help with these problems.

    Thank you!

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    Marigolds are one of the easiest flowers to grow and will add spectacular color to borders, beds and containers. Once they are up and thriving, I recommend giving them a healthy splash of liquid organic fertilizer every 2-4 weeks. My favorite is Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed because it offers a full range of essential nutrients and has a bit more phosphorous than nitrogen for heavy fruiting and flowering. It also contains seaweed, which is chock-full of trace minerals and hormones to significantly increase plant hardiness and improve the appearance and taste of whatever you’re growing. Give it a try! I bet you’ll notice improved production, darker green leaves and brighter flower color.

    Marigold problems are few. In fact, they are often grown as a companion plant in gardens to repel or deter many insect pests. With that said, they can occasionally come under attack from aphids, spider mites and slugs. Watch closely and spot-treat with natural pest control products when needed. Plant diseases that may affect leaves, stems and flowers include powdery mildew, leaf spot and gray mold. Provide earth-friendly, organic fungicides as soon as the first signs of disease are spotted.

    Hope this helps!

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