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  • How do I kill lubber grasshoppers?

    Created by Vickie Shaffer on

    Do any of your products kill the lubber grasshopper? What do you recommend to get rid of them?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Vickie –

    Semaspore Bait (Nosema locustae) infects more than 90 species of grasshoppers, but it does not kill eastern lubber grasshoppers. For some reason, the active spore passes right through the insects midgut without infecting the pest. As a result, we recommend EcoBran, an environmentally sensitive chemical bait, for growers that require immediate control. EcoBran is formulated by treating wheat bran with 2% Sevin (Carbaryl), and it averages 75% kill with 24-48 hours — 90% under good conditions.

    Hope it helps!

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