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  • What bugs are eating my lettuce?

    Created by Tony on

    Hello –

    We are growing lettuce in our greenhouse and want to know what bugs are eating it?


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    E. Vinje

    Hi Tony –

    Lettuce is susceptible to a large number of insect pests and disease problems. Watch for slugs, earwigs and aphids which can occasionally cause problems on plants. Also, prevent fungal disease by providing good soil drainage and air circulation around crops. Watering on bright sunny mornings will allow the leaves to dry by evening.

    Hope it helps!


    Intra Flora

    Lettuce attract more common types of bugs and pests. Caterpillar, and other types of worms might cause trouble as well. You may want to use fertilizers and pest control which doesn’t harm the hygiene of the lettuce in order to avoid these trouble. Flowers UAE



    Lettuce is the more Dangerous types of bugs and pests. Lettuce and other types of bugs might cause trouble as well. Watch the epest website and find the solution of Lettuce . I also hired a team of epest company for remove these types of bugs in my greenhouse. They have a well experienced team and they using high quality chemicals for removing bugs and pests.
    Hope It’s Helpful. ePest



    The lettuce is the most hygenic pests bugs. Caterpillars – It is a most dangerous group of bugs and termites that attack lettuce are have in the family caterpillars. they have many varieties of armyworm, and cabbage looper. Every type has a different habit life cycle foraging on different areas at lettuce, even eaten its entirety some lettuce have natural predators which can encouraged . In which my home also different pest and eating my grapes vine. I research a company that has a well-experienced team of pest control management. I recommend you to contact them for a better solution about this kind of pests.Urban Pest Management



    Lettuce is a large number of diseases and other bugs. It is most dangerous kind of pests you should be get rid of your home as soon as possible otherwise you facing a very critical condition. I also faced this kind of pest problem in my house. I contact a company that is provide the services of pest control and bugs.EXTERMINATOR

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