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  • Lighting in a Polycarbonate Greenhouse

    Created by Sandra Roberts on

    I want to use LED Lights my Greenhouse that measures 10′ x 12′. I run 2′ wide raised beds all around 3 sides and down the center, I plan to use warming cables so how many lights do I need to install to grow year round? I have never done vegetables before so this is new to me.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello Sandra –

    According to our calculations, you would need 14 of the Kind L300 LEDs to cover that area. They have a 2′ x 3′ footprint.If you are interested please call 1-888-349-0605 for pricing.

    Note: A much cheaper option would be to set up our T5 fluorescent lights. They can be daisy chained together and are suitable for most vegetables. Here’s a link:


    Hope this helps!

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