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  • White mold on leaves

    Created by Lucretia Devore on

    I have just recently noticed that all the weeds I pull in my garden have an abundant amount of white mold on the leaves. The problem is not necessarily on the underside of the leaves, it is everywhere. I could use your help with which product I need. Thank you for any help you offer.

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    Eric Vinje

    Lucretia –

    The white mold on plant leaves that you described sure sounds like Powdery Mildew. It’s the most common and widespread of fungal diseases attacking all kinds of different trees, ornamentals and vegetable plants. Common symptoms include patchy, gray, talcum-like dust that covers both the leaves and stems. Fortunately there are several organic are natural controls that work on powdery mildew. Here’s a link that should help.


    Happy growing!

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