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  • My Lawn is Mostly Weeds — HELP!

    Created by Derek on

    What is the best method to fix a weedy lawn problem? I moved in a year ago, and the yard is still awful. There are some patches of nice St. Augustine grass, but it is mostly weeds in the back, and 50/50 in the front. I’ve heard I’m supposed to put down weed & feed in the fall, but I’m unsure as to how effective/safe that is.

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    You mean you don't have a magic wand? Anyway, I found that an all natural weed and feed does help, but not really until you get rid of the original weeds. The reason for this is because the corn gluten only kills the weed seed before it germinates. So, you might have to use an all natural spray on the weeds you see. Watch out though, they are non-selective which means anything it touches will die. I found this out the hard way. Once you've cleared that up, definitely use corn gluten or an all natural weed and feed which will stop all new weeds. Good Luck!



    Derek –

    You may not want to hear this, but if your lawn contains more weeds than grass, it may be time to start over. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but you might be able to do it one section at a time to help make the job easier. For example, if you can kill off the weeds in the back forty first, you’ll still have some lawn left in the front yard, however weedy. After the backyard has filled in and looking the way you want it to, then tackle the front. Visit Organic Lawn Care 101 for more information about growing a beautiful organic lawn.


    produce guy

    gig'em Derek,If you really have that many weeds,rototill your yard and start over from scratch,or solor rise your lawn with clear plastic sheets of plastic(black doesn't work as well).i would suggest replanting with Buffalo grass or Turf-alo,thats great for Texas lawns.

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