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  • Organic Potting Soil for Ivy Plants

    Created by Barbara Kiernan on

    After leaving 2 Ivy stems with roots and leaves in a glass of water with stones for 3 years, I wanted to put them in a pot with soil. Please recommend a good potting soil for ivy plants.

    Thank you!

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Barbara,

    As long as you select a potting soil with good drainage your ivy plants should thrive! I would recommend Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest blend. It has great aeration and it is 100% natural and organic. Some other options would be Roots Organics potting soil or Black Gold potting soil. Additionally, it is important to pot your ivy in something just slightly larger that the root system as too large a pot can lead to root rot. Be sure that the pot also has drainage holes for the same reason. Plastic or clay pots are recommended.

    Best of luck!

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