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  • Indoor grow lighting for herbs

    Created by Casey on

    What type of lighting would be abundant enough to reach a few potted herb plants 4-6 feet away? I would like to grow indoors using the wasted space above my kitchen cabinets. It’s a small galley kitchen so the plants will be pretty close to the light fixture in the center. I’ve read a lot about lighting but still feel unsure. Thanks for your time!

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    E. Vinje

    Casey –

    Using a 2 foot 2 tube T5 fixture with the standard cool spectrum bulb, as well as a replacement warm spectrum bulb will help cover the red and blue light spectrum and fit into a compact space. Depending if a 2 foot 2 tube T5 fixture would fit in the space, another option could be to use a T5 Jump Start system if space is limited.

    If the space is there, a 200W CFL light and fixture from hydrofarm could work as


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