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  • What fertilizer to use for hydroponics?

    Created by Mathew Davis on

    I have a 37 Gallon Circulating Hydroponics system. I was recommended your product from a local retailer. This is the dry fertilizer mixes of upstart grow and bloom. What is the best way to introduce this into my system.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Mathew –

    I wasn’t sure so sent off an email to our Roots rep. Here’s what he had to say:

    Hello Eric –

    Somebody steered that poor soul wrong. Uprising has no place in a circulating system.

    If your customer insists on using it in such a system, if he has drippers he could topdress below the drippers if he is in soilless or coco. But still I wouldn’t really recommend that.

    We do have a new product coming out very soon called Terp Tea that is like a micronized uprising but only a 2 part (grow and bloom)that could potentially work in a system like that. We could get some on your next order.

    But again, this guy, uprisings in a hydro system… no easy fix/good answer there. Sorry about that.

    Hope it helps!

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