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  • What’s the best hydroponic nutrient for lettuce?

    Created by Gerald Peterson on

    What do you recommend for a hydroponic lettuce fertilizer? Would Seaplex and fulvex together be a good mix?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Gerald –

    Growing leafy greens or lettuce hydroponically means less, if any tolerance for missed waterings or false-steps in nutrient measurement and application than growing in soil, which provides a safety margin when it comes to moisture and fertilizers. That said, a well-designed system makes efficient growing easy and even beginners can achieve success. Technology has reduced a lot of the guess work and commercial hydroponic nutrient solutions make for almost foolproof feeding.

    At Planet Natural we’ve selected the best, scientifically formulated products for all around nutrition as well as treating specific deficiencies. All of our fertilizers come from trusted companies known for reliability and cutting-edge results. For the best results, I recommend General Hydroponics Flora Series or Foxfarm’s Nutrient Trio.

    General Hydroponics Flora Series
    First formulated in 1976, Flora Series is the original three-part hydroponic-based nutrient system. It consists of three highly concentrated liquid nutrients:

    • FloraGro builds strong roots during a plant’s vegetative stage.
    • FloraMicro is used during a plant’s growth and bloom cycles.
    • FloraBloom is added while a plant is fruiting and/or flowering.

    By using different combinations of these products, you can fulfill each plant’s exact nutrient needs based on its growth stage and environment. Your plants will receive the ideal balance of primary, secondary and micronutrients — and the results will show.

    Foxfarm Nutrient Trio
    Just for hydro gardeners! Foxfarm offers a convenient three-pack of their top liquid fertilizers for hydroponics: Big Bloom, Grow Big Hydroponic, and Tiger Bloom. Use them in sequence for brilliant crops and high yields all season long.

    • Grow Big Hydroponic is an extra strength concentrate with micronutrients used for abundant green growth.

    • Tiger Bloom is an ultra potent, fast acting, high phosphorus fertilizer that also contains a good supply of nitrogen for plant growth and vigor.

    • Big Bloom is a special micro-brewed formula that incorporates earthworm castings, bat guano and other high test organic ingredients that offer a full range of nutrients. Use throughout all growing cycles to heal root systems and increase nutrient cycling.

    For complete hydro feeding schedules using the above fertilizer products visit the General Hydroponics or Foxfarm website.

    Note: Ensure that the pH remains between 5.5 and 6.5

    Happy gardening!

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