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  • Human waste as fertilizer

    Created by Ahmed Ali on

    I wanted to know, if converting human waste to fertilizer is useful or not ? And if so, is there a way to get more details about that, productivity rates, etc?

    Thanks in advance

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    Eric Vinje

    Ahmed –

    We have a couple of articles on using human waste or “biosolids” in compost…but do not recommend it. The concern is that everything that gets flushed — human and animal feces, industrial chemicals, medical waste, oil products, pesticides, home cleaners — ends up in your compost! Sure, compost may be heat-treated to kill some of the pathogens. But heat treating doesn’t kill them all. And how do you know your compost was treated in the first place? Here’s the link:


    Hope it helps!




    Thanks a lot for your help, but if it was only human wastes? they won’t be mixed with anything else, or even get in the sewage, would it be helpful then??

    Thanks a lot again 🙂


    Eric Vinje

    Ahmed –

    Here’s an interesting video that may answer your question:

    How to turn human waste into disease-free fertilizer

    Hope it helps!

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