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  • Planting roses — how close?

    Created by pghflwr on

    Hi, I want to say quickly that I often visit The Rose Guru. Thank you for such a wonderful website! I trust your answer to this question. I learned a long time ago that roses need to be the center of attention because what fuss they do need means keeping the ground clear beneath them. I am the proud owner of a circular rose garden, planted this spring, with 5 roses spaced a yard apart on the circumference. The center is a yard from each of the roses. I recently saved two Harry Lauder’s Walking Sticks from the rubbish heap. I understand that the shrub will be ‘too big’ in a few years, but this is my Gramma’s garden and she is going to be 93. We won’t be living here long enough for the shrub to grow quicker than my pruners! 🙂 So, my question, will a severely pruned walking stick do well with the girls? Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


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    Eric Vinje

    Yes, ideally your Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick would be planted in a space that allows for a spread of 8-12 feet. But, it’s Gramma’s garden and at 93 I say, “what Gramma wants, Gramma gets!”

    Please, let us know how it works out.

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