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  • Help selecting composter

    Created by Flower_Power on

    I’m interested in purchasing a new compost bin and have narrowed my selection down to either the Envirocycle or the Back Porch Compost Tumbler. Does anyone have any experience with either of these composters? Which is the best to buy?

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    I have the Original ComposTumbler which I purchased here a little over a year ago. While it carries a hefty price tag, I decided on it because of it's large size (I have a big yard). I've been pleased with the composter ever since I got it and I especially like the crank handle, which makes it easy to turn large piles.



    I guess it depends on how much composting you plan to do. I'm mostly composting kitchen scraps and keep an Enviro-cycle right outside the kitchen door.



    Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up going with the Back Porch Compost Tumbler and so far I love it. I'll keep you posted.


    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    I just re-read your post and wanted to mention that we recently wrote a Compost Bin Buyer’s Guide to help make the selection process a little bit easier. There’s a lot to choose from between all the free-standing composters and tumblers that are now available. Here’s the link:


    Hope it helps!

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