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  • HELP! Indoor Lighting for Dying Avocado Plants

    Created by ess_elle on

    Hi there,

    I need help, and quickly! I am a rookie gardener and have been growing three avocado plants. They were flourishing in our big windows before, but in the past week we’ve moved into a basement flat with little lighting. They are dying quickly. I need to know what kind of grow light will save them and help them flourish until I can get them outside in the summer. I am looking for something not too expensive.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    E. Vinje

    Ess –

    A 2 bulb t5 with warm and cool spectrum bulbs would be sufficient.. as far as wattage goes for an avocado tree indoors, the more power you pump on it the faster it will grow and the more water and nutrients it will need. A 250W HPS HID system would allow for quick growth.


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