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  • Hanging Baskets Drying Out

    Created by Mole Farmer on

    Hoping somebody can help! I have a large South facing covered porch where I hang all kinds of flower baskets. The problem is during the Summer months they dry out so fast and begin to look a little worse for wear. Many times I’m watering them twice a day, but I can’t always give them the TLC they need. Suggestions???

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    MF – If your hanging baskets are drying out too quickly you could try grouping them together so they shade each other. This should help reduce evaporation and decrease the need to water so often.

    Another way to cut down on watering is to mix Soil Moist (little water holding "agro-polymers") into the potting mix before you plant. These little beads capture water that normally passes by the root zone. As the soil dries out, the stored moisture is released back to the plants.

    If plants are really dry, it's a good idea to dunk the whole basket in a bucket of water to ensure that the soil is completely soaked.



    Mole Farmer – Consider installing a drip irrigation system for hanging baskets. You’ll be surprised how much time it saves… and your plants will love ya’!

    You could also make your own out of soda pop bottles. Here’s a link:

    Make Your Own Pop Bottle Drip Irrigation System


    Eric Vinje

    Hey Mole Farmer!

    We sell a small watering device that can help you water less. This self watering device allows the perfect amount of water to seep thru the terra cotta stake, taking the guesswork out of watering and giving you a bit of a buffer if you forget to water for a day. Find them here!


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