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  • Maintaining Grow Room Temps

    Created by steven Cochrane on

    I live in Australia, hopefully you can assist.

    I am needing a device that will maintain my grow room temperature. This is my first grow and I am having trouble keeping the temp constant.

    I have a small oil heater, a 10′ inline extraction fan moving 400lpm, a scrubber and a fan for circulation.

    As you can imagine I have a fair bit of air moving, during the day it is 25 C and it is dropping down to 11C at night.

    can you please help?

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    Eric Vinje

    Steven –

    A Ductstat temperature sensitive switch will help to keep the temperature more constant. Although it sounds like you have a -DIF, or a cooler night time temperature than daytime temp, which can be advantageous for say a farmer who wants to keep his transplants short and stocky. For greenhouse crops though, yes, a constant temperature is desirable and the Ductstat would help.


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