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  • Grow Light Installation – Type and how many?

    Created by Rachael on


    I am looking to find out more information about grow lights – what type do I need, how many, what power supply and where, how to install them, etc. I have a part-subterranean wall that runs along the side of my house, about 5 feet away from my house exterior. The wall is about 20 feet long and 15 feet high, doesn’t get much light. I want to grow greenery up that wall to cover the concrete. What type of power do I need for grow lights? How many do you think I would need? How does a typical installation work? Please email me back and give me more information. Thank you.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Rachael –

    You probably don’t need to install grow lights in order to cover the wall with vining plants. If you choose a low-light plant such as ivy or virginia creeper, you would be able to successfully obscure the concrete without even adding lights!

    If you were going to install lights, you would need to be sure that they were protected from the elements. You would just need simple 120 volt outlets to supply the power. For a 20 ft long wall, you would probably want to use 5 or so fluorescent t5 light panels. They can daisy chain together, so you would only need one outlet!

    Here’s a link:


    Hope it helps!

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