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  • What size grow light to use for a 7 foot tall tropical tree

    Created by Bryan Byl on

    I have a 7 ft by 3 ft tropical tree that I leave outside in the summer but bring it in the house during winter. As it will not get a lot of sunlight inside, I would like to know what kind of plant grow light (s) I would need to maintain this tree.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Bryan –

    Ideally, a 1000w High Pressure Sodium light would be best for your tropical tree. Bulb and ballast combos are listed on our website here. If a HPS system is a bit out of your price range, a south facing window with a T5 Lighting systems would provide the best bang for your buck. At least one – four foot, eight tube system should supplement the tree enough to survive the winter. Two systems would likely be better, as the tree seems to be quite large. Find T5 systems here!

    Hope this helps!

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