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  • late season grasshopper control

    Created by Tracey Brown on

    It is late September. We have 4 acres and tried guinea hens but they migrated to other areas. The grasshoppers are now FULL GROWN and are enjoying the garden plants. What would be the best treatment or should I wait until early spring to start treatment?

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    Eric Vinje

    Tracey –

    As a control measure, it’s best to wait until next spring. With that said, some growers will apply Semaspore Bait on older grasshoppers late in the year to get the infection started — the spore overwinters in infected egg pods.

    The USDA has mentioned that Semaspore Bait will persist in an area for up to three years — and maybe longer, they stopped testing after three years — after application. Keep in mind, however, that the spore can get overrun if pest populations are high and pretreatment will be necessary.

    Semaspore Bait provides effective, long-term grasshopper control and is OMRI Listed for use in organic production.



    Either uses an organic insecticide or use some trick method.

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