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  • How safe is your grasshopper bait?

    Created by Bubba on

    I ordered Semaspore and now that I have it, I’m not sure if I should use it. I’m in the middle of summer and have bearing fruit and veggies and many blooms. On the package of Semaspore Bait it says to use it after all harvested crops have been removed, apply to croplands when no above ground harvested food commodities are present, so with that being said, should I not use this and why?? It says its safe for humans and pets and the land. Thank you!

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    What you're reading is just EPA labeling. The product is basically ground up grasshoppers and bran. It is 100% safe.

    Most people apply it when the grasshoppers first emerge. They will be much more susceptible to the disease. Other people use it around now, with the idea the disease will be passed on to the eggs.

    I would apply it now. Do not worry about toxicity.



    What are the highest and lowest temperatures recommended for storing Semaspore bait for 5 months?


    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    Store in a cool, dry shaded area in original container or refrigerate. If refrigerated continuously at 40˚ F. add 30 days to expiration date. If frozen continuously at 15˚ F. add 60 days to expiration date.

    Hope this helps!

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