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  • How do you keep gophers out of your garden?

    Created by Judy Sherwood on

    How can I get gophers to live elsewhere or at least not eat my garden plants and chew the drip hoses?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Judy –

    Gophers can be tricky to keep out of the garden. While there is no sure-fire way to permanently remove all pests from your garden space, these tips and tricks may help keep them at bay.

    PVC or other “hard pipe” trap options can be effective in keeping rodents out of your garden space. If that option isn’t right for your space, Planet Natural carries a variety of gopher repellents such as the Chase Repellex brands, offered in a granular or liquid formulas. We also offer a Sonic Mole Chaser that uses an underground sonic pulse to repel rodents. You can discourage rodents from chewing on your drip lines by providing alternate water sources to keep unwanted visitors from your irrigation area.

    Happy gardening!



    Gophers don’t like the strong odor of mothballs, though it is not advisable to use if you have pets at home.

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