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  • Good vegetables

    Created by Deer hunter on

    I am a vegetable gardener who likes to grow many different vegetables that will produce a bountiful crop for me every year. I have been growing pumpkins that make excellent pies and carrots that make an excellent torte for a nice dessert. This year I did not get many carrots due to the deer coming in and nibbling all of the tops off of the plants that were just starting to get productive with nice thick stems. I live in the southeast corner of British Columbia where the growing season is just long enough to grow my favorite vegetables. I put grass clippings and tree leaves on the garden every Fall to promote good nutrients in the soil for next year’s garden. Next year I would like to come up with some protection from the deer so that I can harvest all of my vegetables that I will plant in my garden. I have been a gardener for over 20 years now with some herb gardening experience as well as vegetables that did very well for me when I planted them for the first time at home in my parent’s garden. My neighbor gave me a pumpkin from his garden that I used and I have continued planting pumpkin every year to make my favorite pie.

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