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  • Problems with Canadian Geese

    Created by Kris Sessa on

    What can be used to keep Canadian Geese out of our yard and garden?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Kris –

    The best control for Canadian geese is a three part management strategy. Best practices to humanely protect your yard include changing the habitat to be less attractive to geese, limiting flock growth and frightening geese in order to encourage them to leave on their own. Timing is key to management. Geese molt for about six weeks every summer, and they are flightless during this time. It is imperative to scare off geese before they’ve lain eggs and began to molt. We sell a scarecrow sprinkler to help ward off your unwelcome guests.

    Other effective control methods include:
    • Mow your lawn at least 3-inches in height or longer. Geese prefer manicured yards with shorter grass.
    • Do NOT feed geese.
    • Any least-toxic Deer Repellent should work as it will make lawns taste nasty.
    • If you have a pond, consider placing a temporary fence — at least 18 in. tall — around it prior to nesting season to restrict access.
    • Plant tall grasses/ shrubs around your pond to make it more difficult to access. This may also cause them to move elsewhere because predators will be harder to spot.
    • Get a dog.

    Good Luck!

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