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  • Are algaecides safe for frogs?

    Created by Irene Cunningham on

    I have a very small pond that I installed to try to attract frogs. What can I use in it to kill algae but keep frogs safe? I believe it has less than 100 gallons in it.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Irene!

    There are many different ways of clearing algae out of ponds and many products we offer that are safe and effective for aquatic life, domestic animals, and wildlife.

    The top recommendation would be to use Microbe-Lit PL Pond Treatment which is a natural and beneficial mix of various bacteria. This product does everything from clarification to nitrogen/ammonia reduction to clearing out organic waste! Here is our page on the product that also includes more information: https://www.planetnatural.com/product/microbe-lift-pl/

    Another way to clear out unwanted algae is to use a product called API PondCare Algaefix. It is an effective algaecide that will clear up your pond in no time and you can always use a second product to keep the algae away. Though it does not state anything pertaining to wildlife (such as frogs) on the bottle, I spoke with a representative earlier this morning and they did say that it was indeed safe if used as directed. Note: This is not a natural product, but very popular.

    If you decide to use an algaecide, it would be best to use a product that prevents the algae from forming again. One of the great products that work for this purpose would be the Biodegradable Aquasphere Pro. These also work using beneficial bacteria as well as enzymes to reduce pond sludge, odors, and excess nutrients which can contribute to algae growth.

    Good luck!

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