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  • Can I flush soil while using nematodes?

    Created by John Bellini on

    I am considering using your beneficial nematodes for pest control. I have 10 plants, potted in 5-gallon smart pot containers. If I apply Scanmask® as instructed and have to flush (with water) my soil at some point, will I lose the nematodes in the flushing process?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi John –

    I wasn’t sure how to answer your question so I asked the experts. Here’s their response:

    Once the nematodes are in the soil they generally stay put pretty well. The customer may lose some nematodes but I think enough would stay in place to continue providing pest control.

    Happy gardening!


    John Bellini

    I sent a follow-up question regarding product compatibility of Gnat nix and beneficial nemotodes. I do not see the question on the blog and so I am wondering if you received it.

    John Bellini

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