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  • Neighbors cats are pooping in my garden

    Created by Mole Farmer on

    My neighbors cats keep pooping in my garden. What can I do? I tried some “squeeze stuff” that I bought at Home Depot that was supposed to keep them away. But, they’re still pooping! I talked to my neighbor about her cats, which got me nowhere. Should I just chill out and learn to live with it? I’m not sure what to do. It just makes me so angry.

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    How about scooping it up and putting it on your neighbors front porch. Kind of like a house warming present.


    Mole Farmer

    Hahahahaha. I was thinking of that too!



    So ring your garden with something that makes it uncomfortable for kitty to be there. Cover with chicken wire, plant ground cover to hide the chicken wire from your sight or plant ground cover that is prickly. To save the birds that visit your garden, plant prickly plants at the base of your trees and train them to grow up the tree trunk even if it isn't very big. Roses come to mind :0)Take stock and find out where the kittys like to visit mort. Perhaps they only visit certain parts of your garden,and you will only have to do part of your garden in wire. Give some of your produce to neighbour and tell them they are fertilized with their kitty poop,so you are returning the favour,maybe they will get the message.



    I have my own cats who seem to find the fine soil and mulch in my garden and flower beds to be the supreme potty area.

    I cleaned out the poopy. Then, I lightly sprinkled red pepper flakes around my roses, bell peppers and watermelons. After a couple of applications, it worked. It didn't hurt any of the plants.

    When you first put the flakes on the garden, you have to look real hard to see it, and it quickly weathers and blends in, so it isn't an eyesore.

    I buy the large container of crushed red pepper from my local wholesale club, so it isn't a huge investment.

    I don't remember where I learned this, and I am not sure why it works. My theory is that when the cat goes to sniff the ground to find the primo spot, they get an uncomfortable sensation in their nose. I'd think twice before digging there, too–if I were a kitty that is.


    My Dad had the same problem and they also started to bring kittens in his yard. So I did a little research and found "The Crow". It is a motion activated sprinkler. You attach your hose to it and when it senses movement it shoots a short burst of water at them. I had to buy one for the front and back yard but he no longer has the problem. I bought it on Amazon where there is a little video demo on how it works.


    Eric Vinje

    Dogs, cats and other animals can cause considerable damage. Here’s some SAFE control strategies to keep animals out of your garden.


    Hope it helps!

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