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  • Fairy Rings in St. Augustine Grass

    Created by Rita Hurd on

    Is there any product that might kill fairy rings that is considered USDA organic? When reading the Physan 20 label, it doesn’t seem that it would be considered organic. While I know it’s difficult to kill, I would like to try something.

    Also, what organic fertilizer should I use at this time of year (February) in Central Texas? We have had unseasonably warm weather for this time of year and it’s now it the 65 to 70 degree range.

    Any extra lawn care suggestions would be welcomed. Need help fast!

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Rita,

    Unfortunately there is very little that can be done about Fairy Rings. We do not carry any other products besides the Physan 20 to assist in getting it under control and I have yet to see an all natural product that can eradicate it. I would suggest using an aerator to penetrate the thick fungi that is causing the rings and topdress with compost while ensuring there is plenty of water getting to the roots. We have a page that goes more in depth on the subject at: https://www.planetnatural.com/pest-problem-solver/lawn-pests/fairy-rings/.

    Regarding your fertilizer needs, our Dr. Earth Super Natural fertilizer would be just the thing to perk your lawn up again and it will also help prevent fairy rings from popping as well! Both the packaging and our page on it gives you application rates for each season. Take a look here! https://www.planetnatural.com/product/super-natural-lawn-fertilizer/

    Good luck!

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