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  • Dyna Grow ingredients

    Created by Pam Murphy on

    I was told by a grower that Dyna Grow contain mycorrhizae. He mentioned it was good to prevent fungal problems. I don’t see the info on the website. I’m looking to feed naturally and grow the myccorhizae I’ve innoculated the potting soil with in each potted plant. Does your product do this? Thanks. Pam

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Pam!

    Based upon my research Dyna-gro liquid grow formulation does not contain any sort of myccorhizae. It does however contain many trace elements needed for proper vegetative growth. Based upon the non-organic nature of the derived ingredients, I would not recommend this product to feed and grow your myccorhizae. That being said, I’ve had incredibly success blooming (quick, almost excessive growth periods) myccorhizae by adding blood or blood-based fertilizers to the soil as a topdressing.


    It should be noted that the exact nutrients your myccorhizae need is gonna vary dramatically depending on the species of myccorhizal fungi you’ve inoculated the soil with. Make sure you are watering solely with distilled or reserve osmosis water as well to avoid harming our fungi friends.

    Hope this helps!

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