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  • Direct Sowing for Container Garden

    Created by sncopus on

    This will be my first year at gardening in a long time. I’m doing a container garden because the soil in my back yard is hardpan. I have 10 gallon planters with drainage holes that I’d like to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers in. Unfortunately, I can’t start them indoors due to family member’s allergies (I’ve tried that before). I’m in Zone 9b where it gets really hot from about mid March all the way to September/October. The planting calendar says to start the veggies indoors in Feb and transplant in April. If direct sowing and NOT transplanting, do I direct sow in February or do I wait until April?

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    Eric Vinje


    I would start your seeds in February outdoors, as long as the weather is permitting. If it gets pretty cool at night, you may consider moving the pots into a garage or covered area to keep the seedling a little warmer.

    Good luck!

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