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  • Saucer Height

    Created by Ben Kittrell on

    Can you tell me the height of your plant saucers? I am wanting to know how deep the water would be if filled to the top.


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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Ben –

    Thanks for the question. I will update are plastic plant saucer description online to include depth. Here are the heights:

    6-inch – 1.5″ tall
    8-inch – 1.6″ tall
    10-inch – 1.9″ tall
    12-inch – 2.1″ tall
    14-inch – 2.4″ tall
    16-inch – 2.6″ tall
    18-inch (black) – 2.7″ tall
    20-inch (black) – 3.5″ tall
    25-inch (black) – 3.7″ tall

    Hope this helps!

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