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  • Using Corn Gluten on Lawns

    Created by Weedy McGee on

    I’m interested in using Corn Gluten Meal on my lawn this year and wanted to know if anybody had any experience with it. Does it work on weeds?

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    Eric Vinje

    Corn Gluten Meal does not work on weeds — existing ones that is! Researchers at Iowa State University determined that corn gluten meal acts as a pre-emergence herbicide by inhibiting the root formation of germinating seeds. It is not specific to weed seeds, so care must be taken when applying around newly planted areas, including gardens. Containing about 10% nitrogen, this Natural Weed & Feed is best applied in early spring at a rate of 20 lbs/ 1000 sq ft. and will continue working for 5-6 weeks after application.

    Note: This product can be used safely around established plants.

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