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    I have been composting for many years and my best tricks are:
    • Freeze potential compost in cardboard juice containers or ice cream boxes until it is time to take it to the pile. This breaks down the cell wall and allows the vegetable matter to decompose faster. This also avoids the stinky mess in the garbage or the fruit flies.
    • Throw in some fishing worms once in awhile (not in the freezer). I have heard that potato cuttings will kill the worms so I never put potatoes in.
    • I use a rolling 55 gallon drum, made a door and made some air holes. Roll it over to turn the compost. A new barrel is done within a month.
    • I sift the compost over a wheelbarrow, use the fine stuff below and re-compost the bigger chunks as they contain the bacteria and microorganisms that do the composting.

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    We have two plastic composting barrels and they keep getting mildew on the surface of the soil. Is this normal? How do I stop it? Thanks, billnkude

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