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  • What’s the Best Compost Bin?

    Created by Michelle Gillick on

    I have a stainless steel bin on my countertop, it’s full and I haven’t yet decided what to purchase for the backyard. I live in Virginia and it will be cold soon, should I wait to buy a bin until the Spring? Is it necessary to have a bin or can I just dig a hole? I will have a constant supply of fruit/vegetable scraps. Or would that invite rodents?

    Thank you,
    Michelle Gillick

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    E. Vinje

    Michelle –

    I don’t see any reason to wait and purchase a bin — or make your own — especially if you have plenty of table scraps ready to use. Many commercial bins are rodent proof, which sounds like it might be helpful in your area. And yes, burying table scraps will almost always invite rodents. I’ve attached a few links from several of our composting sites that will help:


    Composting 101

    Composter Connection

    One other suggestion. If you have a constant supply of fruit/vegetable scraps and not a lot of yard waste you may want to consider composting with worms. Here’s a link:

    Worm Composting

    Hope this helps!

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