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  • Compositing coffee grounds by themselves

    Created by koalbin on

    I am a long time small scale composter since the 70’s. I recently started collecting coffee grounds at the rate two 5 gallon buckets per day everyday. My current compost area is maxed out with grounds (it’s only 8′ diameter X 4′ high wire enclosure) so I have been putting the daily 2 buckets full in a covered unused horse pen. The grounds in question are currently occupying a knee high, 10′ X 10′ area which is currently half full and may be expanded by a factor of 3.
    My question is, will it compost using only water and turning infrequently as I don’t any other organic material to add, into a viable yard and garden compost or just an additive to future compost piles?

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    Sorry about misspelling Composting in the title. Poor proof reading and fat fingers—

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