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  • Using spinosad for codling moth

    Created by Al Kristal on

    I have been using cyd-x as a coddling moth control with less than satisfactory results. A local garden center and something I read said that spinosad works. Do you have any info about its effectiveness for coddling moth, and, if so, how often to apply it? I have used Monterey garden insect spray and completely eliminated cherry fruit fly larva from my sweet and sour cherries.

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    Eric Vinje

    While we haven’t used Spinosad for controlling Codling Moth ourselves, it is listed on the Garden Insect Spray label. Monterey recommends applying it no more than six times per season with a minimum of ten days between applications. Please let us know how it works! Also, we’ve provided a link to our codling moth page in the Pest Problem Solver.



    Note: Spinosad is a biological product that is SAFE for most beneficial insects, but toxic to bees exposed to treatment for 3 hours following application. Do not apply this pesticide to blooming, pollen-shedding or nectar-producing parts of plants if bees may forage on the plants during this time period.

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